Integrating Inclusion

Why Integrating Inclusion?

While diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) have long been important topics, the social justice movements of the summer of 2020 catapulted this topic to the top of board and CEO agendas. Organizations are realizing that hiring a Chief Diversity Officer is only the beginning of addressing DEIB; they also need to make meaningful, systemic change.

Research tells us that the most effective way to drive change is through an integrated approach to DEIB – where a DEIB lens is applied to all aspects of talent practices. Leaders ahead of the game are looking at how to integrate DEIB and talent management, learning, leadership development, people analytics and more.  

In this season, we talk to thinkers, academics, and practitioners who are at the intersection of DEIB and other talent practices. Specifically, we speak with experts working on integrating DEIB in:

    • Talent management
    • Learning and skills
    • Leadership development and careers
    • People analytics
    Some of the questions we'll focus on include:
    • How are talent leaders in different functions collaborating with DEIB leaders to drive change?
    • What new practices are leaders using to make their workplaces more inclusive?
    • How are organizations measuring and monitoring their progress and what results are they seeing?
    • How might this focus on DEIB better prepare organizations for the future?

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    Dani Johnson & Stacia Garr, Co-founders & Principal Analysts
    RedThread Research

    Chris Pirie
    Learning Futures Group


    Hallie Bregman
    Global Head of People Analytics, PTC