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Making Managing Manageable: End-of-Season Webinar


April 13, 1PM ET

Member-only Webinar: PAT 2023 Market Present


April 19, 1PM ET

Learning Tech Trends: Get Ready for Disruption


May 25, 1PM ET

Member-only event: Enabling the frontline workforce Webinar


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Member-only Webinar: Learning Equity


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A lot of our ideas can be found in industry and business publications. We try to keep an up-to-date running list here. If we’ve missed one, please let us know.

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Like other categories of HR technology, the learning and development (L&D) space has been shifting over the last couple of ...

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Like other categories of HR technology, the learning and development (L&D) space has been shifting over the last couple of ...

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Experimentation Is the Future of Enterprise Learning

To put it mildly, there's been some recent discussion about how work – and therefore employee development – has changed ...

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Corporate Learning Finally Has a Seat at the Table

We'll start with the good news: Corporate learning and development leaders finally have their long-awaited seat at the table. The ...

What's Next for Performance Management?

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to re-examine and update business processes of all kinds. The ...

3 Ways People Analytics Technology Is Evolving to Meet the Moment

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Build Connections to Drive Higher Hybrid Work Performance

Connection is critical in a hybrid work environment, but it should not be reserved for in-person events and collaboration sessions.