Sept 19, 2PM ET

Webcast: Connect and Engage: How to Support the Frontline Worker


Sept 21, 1PM ET

Member-only Q&A Webinar: Learning Tech


Sep 26, 1PM ET

Roundtable: Managing Performance in an AI-driven hybrid work world


Oct 11, 1PM PT

HR Tech Mega-Session: Skills Strategy and the Tech that Powers It


November, 9, 1:00 ET

Frontline Tech Insights: Staying Ahead of the Curve


Workplace Stories Podcast

At RedThread, we love our data, but we know that what you remember is stories. So we spend time listening to thinkers, writers, leaders, and practitioners as they tell their stories about what works in the workplace, what they’ve learned, and what they hope to see in the future. We hope you find it inspirational, motivational, and a touch irreverent.

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Insightful, Refreshing

I find these conversations refreshing because they’re not filled with industry buzzwords…Such a welcome addition to my podcast list because I don’t find quality insights like this easily!

10/10 would recommend
Sana F. L.

This is an amazing podcast! It’s insightful and cutting-edge thinking. I would recommend to anyone interested in DEIB, skills, people analytics, and L&D to give it a listen.

Fresh and insightful

If there is one podcast you listen to in human capital research space, make it this one…Such a great resource to keep pace with the industry. Highly recommend!

Such a wealth of knowledge!

What makes this show a true standout is the quality of guests, the stories they share, and the actionable tactics they bring to the table!