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HR Tech Mega-Session: Skills Strategy and the Tech that Powers It


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Frontline Tech Insights: Staying Ahead of the Curve


Tech Consortium

Rapid growth in HR tech means more innovation. Unfortunately, it also means more players, more buzzwords, and more “pay-to-play” analytics – which can muddle insights and tank consumer trust for everyone.

We would like to thank our founding tech consortium members for pledging to support high-quality, unbiased HR technology research. Thank you for enabling us to conduct cutting-edge research that will benefit buyers, vendors, and our entire HR community!

We are very grateful to our Consortium Members for sharing their valuable data and helping us underwrite work that will influence organizations to take a huge step toward creating significant changes in HR practices.

Degreed exists to challenge the status quo. RedThread Research and the community they’ve created shine a light on how the most innovative learning and talent teams are building what's next in HR. We're excited to support this work of capturing and sharing these stories, ideas, and lessons. We hope this Consortium will help inspire and guide others who want to follow.

- Todd Tauber, SVP Strategy, Degreed

We’re excited to participate as a founding member of the RedThread Tech Consortium. RedThread’s research continues to set the bar when it comes to HR, performance management, and learning trends, and we are looking forward to providing continued guidance for customers looking to technology to shape the vision and direction of learning and development within their organizations.

- Chris Kuntz, VP of Strategic Operations, Augmentir

I’m thrilled that Axonify is among RedThread Tech Consortium’s founding members. Their commitment to delivering thoughtful, industry-leading research on topics that are key to HR & LD professionals is aligned with our focus on enabling a greater sense of communication and community within the industries that we represent.

- Carol Leaman, Co-founder and CEO, Axonify

The Talent and HR Tech landscape is complex and experiencing considerable disruption. RedThread Research has been at the forefront in providing the insights that corporations need to navigate these changes, especially around key concerns like DEIB, AI and skills technology, and learning and talent mobility. Eightfold is proud to be supporting RedThread Research’s Tech Consortium which will help organizations become future-ready.

- Michael Dunne, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Eightfold

The RedThread team is laser-focused on the people analytics technology marketplace, and they’ve been providing invaluable insights and advice for vendors and their customers. As a vendor in this space, we’re excited to be part of this Consortium, and to be able to support quality, non-biased research on the topics affecting enterprises and people analytics professionals most.

- Daniel Norwood, VP of Marketing, Perceptyx

The team at RedThread Research has built one of the most respected research organizations in the HR industry today, and we here at SeekOut are looking forward to working with them more closely as part of the Tech Consortium. Joining this group will not only benefit SeekOut by giving us advanced insights into the HR and people industries, but it will benefit our own customers through the development of new product features and offerings based on those unique insights.

- Claire Fang, Chief Product Officer, SeekOut

We are incredibly excited to be active participants in the RedThread Research Tech Consortium. The HR landscape & practitioner needs are constantly changing. Discussing the latest insights, leveraging the knowledge, and collaborating with the best in the industry will help us all make a positive impact for HR.

- Kiran Pasham, Co-founder, President & Chief Architect, SplashBI

Vendors in the HR Tech market are (re-)shaping their vision and products at an incredible pace — which creates confusion. That’s a natural thing to happen in emerging technology markets. RedThread Research helps filter out the noise and lead customers to better buying decisions — with less fall-out and fewer failed projects. And that eventually creates more trust across the entire market.

- Andreas De Neve, CoFounder and CEO, TechWolf

RedThread provides some of the most valuable insights into the HR market today. We're excited about the Tech Consortium and we're thrilled to be a founding member of this initiative.

- Jake Sorofman, Chief Marketing Officer, Visier

The evolving HR tech landscape, coupled with economic and labor market uncertainty, has created a real need for unbiased industry research that will help companies make more informed decisions about talent. We’re honored to join the RedThread Tech Consortium and look forward to partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations on moving the industry forward.

- Michael Beygelman, Executive VP, Product, Claro Analytics

Betterworks is on a mission to empower HR to transform performance management to make work better for everyone. We are proud to be a founding member of the Tech Consortium and support the engagement and unbiased research that inform the technology solutions and professional expertise we offer our customers. We believe that open collaboration and access to powerful people intelligence will transform the experience of work.

- John Schneider, CMO, Betterworks

By providing invaluable, independent research, RedThread has become a leading voice in people analytics and the broader HR industry. As the world of work changes due to new ideas and innovative technologies, organizations can rely on RedThread to navigate a complex landscape. Moreover, their insights help us to develop great products for our customers. For all these reasons, Crunchr is proud to support the Tech Consortium.

- Ralf, VP Marketing, Crunchr

We are very excited to partner with RedThread and the Tech Consortium. At NovoEd, industry-leading market research and analysis is one of our top priorities. As a complex solutions provider focused on enabling large enterprises’ most custom, strategic, and far-reaching learning experiences, we must have a clear and unbiased lens for interpreting market needs. RedThread’s insights and analyses help both us and our customers.

- Jacob Nikolau, Manager, Marketing Strategy & Research, NovoEd

Being a Tech Consortium member was a no-brainer. RedThread gives us clear, unbias and relevant insights that help us make the best decisions to fuel our growth and customer obsession. No egos and no red tape here; It's just how business should be done.

- Hailey McDonald, SVP of Marketing, Reejig

At Quantum Workplace, we help organizations create cultures of employee success. Being part of the RedThread Research Tech Consortium helps us do just that. RedThread Research's unbiased insights and extensive knowledge will shape the workplace and help us make work better every day.

- Luke Stritt, Director of Business Development, Quantum Workplace

The team at RedThread has built one of the most respected research organizations in the HR industry, and we are looking forward to working with them more closely as part of the Tech Consortium. Joining will not only benefit SeekOut by giving us advanced insights into the HR and people industries, but it will benefit our own customers through the development of new product features and offerings based on those unique insights.

- Claire Fang, Chief Product Officer, Seekout

At Top Employers Institute, we believe in the power of unbiased data to provide a clear path to assess and improve the workplace environment” said Trevor Bogan, Regional Director for the Americas. “Through our participation in the RedThread Research Consortium, we look forward to collaborating in the development of new ideas and research methodologies to find the connections and improve the HR strategies that will create a better world of work.

- Regional Director for the Americas, Trevor Bogan

We are thrilled to join RedThread's Tech Consortium and be part of this dynamic community that is dedicated to driving innovation and shaping the future of HR Tech. RedThread’s research is bringing clarity to an ever-changing HR Tech landscape and has established itself as a trusted source. Being part of this consortium will provide us with opportunities to collaborate with leading organizations, learn from industry experts, and work together to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing HR today.

- Bruce Evans, EVP of Strategy & Development