Sept 19, 2PM ET

Webcast: Connect and Engage: How to Support the Frontline Worker


Sept 21, 1PM ET

Member-only Q&A Webinar: Learning Tech


Sep 26, 1PM ET

Roundtable: Managing Performance in an AI-driven hybrid work world


Oct 11, 1PM PT

HR Tech Mega-Session: Skills Strategy and the Tech that Powers It


November, 9, 1:00 ET

Frontline Tech Insights: Staying Ahead of the Curve


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Our Latest Research

Managing Better in 2023 - It Starts with You

Over the past 3 years, managers have taken on incredible loads: from the emotional strains of the pandemic to the challenges of social unrest, the loneliness of remote working, and the fear and difficulties of returning to the office. And now, here managers are, holding brave faces as many of their colleagues and employees get laid off, picking up the pieces of what is left behind.

Is it any wonder that managers are less engaged and effective? Read more

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Upcoming Events

Workplace Stories

Join us in our new season of Workplace Stories, The Frontline, where we share exciting and groundbreaking discussions. In season 9, Stacia and Dani focus on the frontline by discussing frontline workers with thought leaders from many organizations across various industries. We’ll discuss how to define a frontline worker, how to lead them, how to engage with them, and how to help them plan their career path. 

Developing the Frontline

Peter Tulumello, Director of Learning and Development at Sobeys

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