July 25, 1:00 PM ET

3 Ways Technology Empowers Your Frontline Workforce


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The Learning Tech Provider Landscape in 2023

Most analyst firms have trends. RedThread has MEGA trends. Each year, we take a beat and look at the big, hairy, global issues organizations are facing. This presentation and infographic review 5 megatrends, the challenges those megatrends are presenting for HR departments, and what the research says you should be doing about it. Read more

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Workplace Stories

Join us in our new season of Workplace Stories, The Skills Odyssey III, where we dive again into the world of skills and how they’re shaping the workplace. In this season, we’re structuring our conversations around the six elements of a successful skill strategy, namely, scope and purpose, partnerships, culture, architecture, data, and technology. Our guests will share their experiences and insights, offering practical guidance for HR professionals and organizations. 

Using a Skills Framework to Empower Employees

Microsoft’s Shweta Srivastava, Enterprise Skills Leader, Global Talent Management and John Mighell, Director of Product Marketing

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