June 13, 4 PM ET

HR Tech Conference Virtual: Keynote - Learning & Development's Next Chapter: Skills as the North Star


We're Connecting The Threads

We connect people, ideas, data, and stories to provide leaders with an accessible, affordable community that empowers organizations to make better decisions faster.

Our first five years have been quite a journey! With massive workplace and technology shifts, social unrest, and talent scarcity, the need for quality, unbiased data is even more critical for high-performing organizations. We’ve grown and matured as a team, company, and, most importantly, as a community!

Our Values

At RedThread, our values are more than just words on a page. These values continually inform our choices, about what we produce and how we operate.


We aim to change conversations to better, more useful ones. We strive to make our work novel, clear, and actionable, whether in our research or our conversations with you.

No bullsh*t

We tell it like it is, acknowledge our biases, and have tough conversations kindly. Just ask the vendors that brief with us.


We’re committed to contributing and strengthening our community. We look for connections between ideas, people, data, and insights, wherever they come from.


We try new things, embrace failure, and incorporate ideas from everywhere.

Our Researchers

Dani Johnson

Cofounder, Principal Analyst

Research Areas: Learning & Skills, Performance, Enabling Leaders

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Stacia Sherman Garr

Cofounder, Principal Analyst

Research Areas: Talent Management, DEIB, Engagement, People Analytics

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Priyanka Mehrotra

Senior Analyst

Research Areas: People Analytics, DEIB, Performance Management

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Heather Gilmartin Adams

Senior Research Analyst

Research Areas: Enabling Leaders, Learning & Skills

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Divya Iyer

Senior Analyst

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