Learning Technologies: Emerging Technologies

It’s always the best-attended session at the Learning Technologies Conference. It sets the scene for the technology side of the event by not just discussing what’s happening in the marketplace and exploring what’s trending, but also by examining the implications of all this for L&D as a profession. What's next on the learning technologies roller… Read More

Skills Summit- From Urgency to Reality: Bringing Skills to Life In Your Organization

The recent rise in generative AI has resulted in an increased urgency to quantify, understand, and leverage employees’ skills, as organizations consider how to augment and reskill their employees. However, according to RedThread’s most recent research, 58% of organizations lack a skills strategy. Why? Because it can be devilishly difficult to figure out where to… Read More

HR Tech Conference Online: Keynote-Learning & Development's Next Chapter: Skills as the North Star

In this session, Dani Johnson emphasizes the critical role of L&D in fostering a skilled workforce. The discussion covers the connection between skills and learning, the strategic benefits of a skills-first approach, and technology's role in skill development. Key objectives include using HR tech for a skills-focused workforce, acknowledging L&D's importance in skill development, and talent retention through reskilling and upskilling.

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