Transform 2024- Skills: Boiling the Ocean

The word “skills” is on the tongue of every leader around. The ability to quantify, understand, and leverage employees’ skills to benefit them and the organization is a seductive proposition. Yet, despite the hype, most organizations don’t have a skills plan, or the ability to claim they are a “skills-based organization”. Based on our research,… Read More

Q1 TC Webinar: Skills Tech: Nearing the Promise of Skills

The skills conversation has evolved rapidly in the last year or two, transforming from a theoretical discussion of what could be to something much more tangible and concrete. Skills tech plays a huge role in this conversation because it's a big part of how organizations are turning skills into reality. But skills tech is a… Read More

Empower HR: Skills-based Performance Management

Red Thread Principal Analyst Stacia Garr shares her latest research on incorporating skills into your performance management and talent management strategies, and Betterworks Chief Product Officer Arnaud Grunwald walks through the Betterworks 2024 product vision and roadmap.

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