Introducing the Responsive Organization – An Infographic Summary


Beginning 2020, we decided to dive into a topic that we had been thinking about for a while. Why are some organizations able to continue performing effectively and sustain themselves in the face of disruptions and external changes, while others are not?

We call such organizations “responsive organizations” and we launched our study with the aim to understand why responsivity is so important, what are the characteristics of organizations that have high levels of responsivity, and how can we build for it. After collecting data from and interviewing over 100 leaders, our findings revealed that there are 4 lenses through which organizations need to evaluate their people practices in order to become more responsive. Read about our findings in detail by accessing our report.

We would like to thank Glint for sponsoring our research. As always, we would love your feedback. If you have thoughts, please share in the comments section below!

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