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The Skills Odyssey III: Opening Arguments

by Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr | September 27th, 2023

The world of skills is evolving rapidly thanks to technology and data which is why we are devoting yet another season to the skills odyssey. In these opening arguments, you’ll hear how we’ll shape the season, why we’re focusing on skills again, who you can expect to listen to, and what we are most looking forward to. Press play to start a new season of Workplace Stories.  

The six elements of a successful skills strategy 

As many of you know, the experience and insights we gain through our research drive this podcast. That is true for this season like all the rest.  

One of our most recent reports was on the six elements of a successful skills strategy. We’ve decided to use these six elements to shape the interviews this season. Each interviewee will take a deep dive into one of the six elements: scope and purpose, partnerships, culture, architecture, data, and technology. We’re excited to hear the experiences and insights of each of our guests.  

Why we’re revisiting skills 

We felt the need to revisit the skills odyssey again due to the rapidly changing technological landscape. What were hypothetical situations before are now our reality.  

We can see the capabilities of generative AI and the ways that it can complement people in the workplace.  

Organizations need to leverage these new technologies to automate and assist in many areas of the workplace to be able to keep pace with the competition.  

Questions always stem from using new technologies 

With each new technology that arises questions also arise. As employers and HR professionals, we need to question the validity and proficiency of people’s tech skills. There is also the question of ownership. Who owns it all? Explore the intersection of skills and behaviors of whole people as we uncover new areas to make them practical and usable. Join us as the skills odyssey continues.  

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