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E6-If You Don’t Have The Data, You Can’t Do The EX: Workday’s Phil Willburn

by Heather Arcadi | January 11th, 2023


  • We end 'The Employee Experience (R)evolution' with a welcome return to 'Workplace Stories' by Workdays' VP of Analytics, Phil Willburn.
  • Phil shared several best practices that became embedded at his organization pre-COVID that have proven highly useful at capturing valuable employee experience data and which enjoy surprisingly high popularity—like its Feedback Fridays, which get 70% response rates.
  • 'Is the Workday experience unique or not?' is a question you might keep in mind as you listen.
  • Listening to team members and responding is also a theme—exemplified by a new company-wide tool he discusses, the Workday Peakon Employee Voice, and personal dashboards.
  • And we conclude with his answer to the recurring Season central question: Is what we're seeing now in EX revolution or evolution?



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