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E4-Why We Need to Rip Out and Replace the Employee Experience: Meta’s Kelly Monahan

by Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr | January 11th, 2023


  • A great opportunity to hear about a range of workplaces of the future, as well as EX issues from one of the biggest tech firms in the world, the former Facebook (now Meta)
  • We have the best company for that: the firm's director of future of work research, business author Kelly Monahan (ex-Accenture & Deloitte)
  • Why Meta puts both managers and tech (think: Metaverse) at the heart of its Employee Experience planning
  • How today's Employee Experience debate circles back to the start of HR (and what we can learn from going 'back to the future)
  • What the new conception of hybrid and distributed work is emerging at her company
  • And what we're all getting wrong about the Metaverse.



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