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The Skills Odyssey

What Is The Skills Odyssey?

The world is atwitter with the skills conversation, one that was started before, but accelerated by, the pandemic. Organizations are more interested than ever in understanding what skills their employees have, which skills they need, and how those skills can help deliver results.

Organizations we speak with about skills generally fall into 2 buckets: either they’re paralyzed and unsure how to even begin, or they have jumped in with both feet and are figuring it out as they go. This season focuses on the latter group.  

We called this season the Skills Odyssey because the skills journey isn’t dissimilar to that of Odysseus; there is a lot of wandering, some perils, and some tests, but the trip is worth it, and ultimately leads somewhere worthwhile.

In this season, we’ll be talking to leaders in employee development, performance, people analytics, and DEIB who are just starting the skills journey. We explore why they’ve embarked, how they’re starting, and what they hope to accomplish.

Find out the approaches they’re taking the challenges they’re encountering, and the success, or potential success, they are having.

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This season on Skills is being sponsored by Degreed and Visier. A special thanks to them!

Degreed is the upskilling platform that connects learning to opportunities. We integrate everything people use to learn and build their careers—skill insights, LMSs, courses, videos, articles, and projects—and match everyone to growth opportunities that fit their unique skills, roles, and goals.

Visier is the recognized leader in people analytics and workforce planning. With Visier, organizations can answer questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action, and drive better business outcomes through workforce optimization. Visier has 11,000 customers in 75 countries, including enterprises like Adobe, BASF, Electronic Arts, McKesson, Uber, and more.




Dani Johnson & Stacia Garr, Co-founders & Principal Analysts
RedThread Research

Chris Pirie
Learning Futures Group

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Dr. Heather Whiteman
Assistant Teaching Professor in Data Design and Development for a More Just World, University of Washington


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Vidya Krishnan,
Chief Learning Officer, Global Head of Learning & Development, Ericsson

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3: Exploring the Build vs Buy Conundrum


Mike Groesser,
Squad Leader of the Learning Team at Fidelity Investments

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4: Building the Skills Plane While Flying


Chris Funk,
Senior Vice President of Talent and Performance Management Platforms, Citi

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5: The Soup Cube Skills Methodology


Patrick Coolen, Global Head of People Analytics, HR intelligence, and Organizational Design at the Dutch bank ABN AMRO

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6: A Peek Inside a Skills Transformation


Tim Dickinson, Global Head of Learning Systems and Innovation at Novartis

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The Skills Odyssey Season I Webinar

Stacia Garr of RedThread Research                                       

Dani Johnson of RedThread Research

Chris Pirie of the Learning Futures Group

Caitlin Bigsby of Visier

Effie Rangou of Degreed

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