Perceptyx Acquires Humu to Enable “Smart” Nudging at Scale

August 2nd, 2023

This morning, Perceptyx, an employee experience, engagement, and voice vendor, announced it acquired Humu, an employee engagement vendor best known for using science-based “nudges” (and for being founded by ex-Google CHRO Laszlo Bock).

For those of you counting, this is the fourth acquisition by Perceptyx in 3 years (the last 3 being Waggl, CultureIQ, and Cultivate). Given the surface-level similarity between Humu and Perceptyx – both vendors in the employee engagement / experience / voice space – you might be wondering what Perceptyx is thinking in making this acquisition. Let’s dive in and explore this deal together.

At a high level, here’s what you need to know about this acquisition:

  • The greatest weakness of any employee engagement / experience / voice vendor is that they typically only measure those things – they generally struggle when it comes to showing they are driving change. Perceptyx is acquiring Humu to help it fill that gap in its capabilities.
  • Humu’s value to Perceptyx is entirely tied up in its nudge system, including its behavioral content, science, sequencing, etc.
  • The Humu acquisition helps round out Perceptyx’s product vision and continue its shift from a measurement and monitoring solution to one that also enables the mobilization of those insights at scale.
  • This acquisition is indicative of a broader shift we anticipate will come in this space: moving from EE / EX / Voice measurement and monitoring to these solutions also mobilizing and motivating change.

In this blog, I cover:

  • What employee engagement, experience, and voice vendors have done traditionally and where they have fallen short
  • Who these specific vendors (Perceptyx and Humu) are and what they’ve done to date
  • What we should expect from Perceptyx after the Humu acquisition

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