Skills-based organization strategy: Latest fad or real transformation?

Prepare for future skills needs with an engaging conversation on skills-based hiring, including how (and why!) companies are shifting toward this model. Presenters Michael Beygelman, EVP of product at WilsonHCG, and Stacia Garr, Co-founder and principal analyst at RedThread Research, share practical ways leaders can get started on skills-based organization development.

HR Tech Conference Online: Keynote-Learning & Development's Next Chapter: Skills as the North Star

In this session, Dani Johnson emphasizes the critical role of L&D in fostering a skilled workforce. The discussion covers the connection between skills and learning, the strategic benefits of a skills-first approach, and technology's role in skill development. Key objectives include using HR tech for a skills-focused workforce, acknowledging L&D's importance in skill development, and talent retention through reskilling and upskilling.

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