19 October 2021

Quick Summary: Skills Driving DEIB

Priyanka Mehrotra
Research Lead


  • This infographic summarizes key insights from our report, Creating a DEIB Culture: The Skills Every Employee Needs
  • Top DEIB orgs put significant emphasis on a combination of both action-taking and passive skills
  • Orgs that score high on RedThread’s DEIB Index are more likely to see positive individual employee and organizational outcomes.
  • Orgs can activate DEIB skills by understanding the skills most important, cross-referencing them with those within the org, and identifying the gaps

Our team has recently spent a lot of time trying to understand novel opportunities on which orgs can focus their DEIB efforts. Enter skills.

This infographic (click on the image below to get the full version) highlights key insights from our report, Creating A DEIB Culture: The Skills Every Employee Needs, through which we have tried to answer 3 questions as they relate to skills for DEIB:

  • What skills contribute to DEIB, specifically in fostering diversity, enabling people to feel included, and building a culture of belonging in the workplace?
  • How those skills might vary, depending on factors such as an employee’s level, role, diversity characteristics, etc.?
  • What can orgs do to develop and leverage these skills, including specific approaches and modalities?

As always, we’d love your feedback at [email protected]!

Priyanka Mehrotra
Research Lead at RedThread Research

Priyanka Mehrotra is a Research Lead at RedThread Research. Before joining the company in 2018, she was part of the research team at Bersin by Deloitte where she worked on talent management, D&I, and people analytics as well as conducted research and contributed content for Bersin’s Mid-market study. Prior to Bersin by Deloitte, Priyanka worked at several non-profits, think-tanks, and international organizations where she published and co-authored several articles.


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