Dec 12, 1PM ET

Learning Analytics: A New Era


Dec 13, 1PM ET

Member-Only: 2024 Trends Webinar


Jan 17, 11 AM ET

Embracing AI in Workforce Transformation – Beyond the Hype


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Members of the Tech Consortium (TC) gain deep insights into the market and can leverage education to accelerate leads and better position their brand as a customer-focused solution.

Tech Consortium members:

  • Sign the pledge to support high-quality research
  • Share business data with RedThread on at least an annual basis
  • Provide 5 customers (min) per product to respond to an annual questionnaire

2 Levels of Membership:

Good - $15K
  • 3 membership seats
  • Listed on RTR site and all tech PDF reports as a Consortium member
  • Website/social badge
  • Q&A conversation for a vendor-only audience on newly published tech studies
  • Influence RTR’s tech research agends
  • Access to TC-only group on the RTR platform for sharing questions / thoughts with the vendor community
  • The ability to partner with RedThread on additional work
Better - $25k and up
  • All benefits listed in “Good” package
  • Discounted additional membership seats
  • License 1 piece of each research, including your logo and description, for distribution to support lead generation
  • More as it becames available!

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