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You want to know into what’s happening, what’s coming, and what works. Great, because that’s what we do. Vendors work with us and trust us because we are trailblazers, not crowd followers. Incorporate our foresight into your product strategy, roadmap, and branding and – equally importantly – into the minds of your customers.


For over 25 years, we have been helping the industry stay ahead of human capital trends and understand how they affect businesses.

Our crowd-funding model ensures that our research remains unbiased, focused on issues that matter to leaders, and free. Tech providers that participate in research funding have opportunities to distribute research outputs, sponsor tailored webcasts, and collaborate with us on in-person events.

For our latest research roadmap and funding options, please visit our Funding page or contact us for more information on how we can work together.


As tech vendors in the human capital space, you know things change rapidly and sometimes drastically.

Understanding your market and your buyer in this volatile industry is crucial to your success. We partner with tech vendors like yours to help you find the connection to the market through all of its ebbs and flows.

When you need to understand the latest trends and disruptions, want feedback on your messaging to the market, or want to talk through product strategy and roadmap, reach out!

We work through:
  • Advisory retainers
  • One-time projects
  • Other customized engagements

Education & events

In an increasingly automated world, connections between humans are becoming more important.

We design sessions that create mind-changing moments, making connections between data, foresight, and examples to bring it all to life.

Education and events work equally well for internal teams who need an update on the latest trends and disruptions, or for client events. Events and education generally takes the following forms, but we’re open to trying new things as well!

If you want some of your customers to feel extra special, consider sponsoring their participation in one of our Collectives. The combination of a dedicated group of peers solving similar challenges and the implementation of your technology can drive meaningful change in your customers’ organizations.

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