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DEIB Technology Tool

Updated January 2021

This tool provides information for leaders, their teams, and their orgs on DEIB tech vendors, the capabilities they say they offer, and their company details. To learn more about the DEIB tech landscape, read the DEIB Tech 2021 Overview of the report.

Learning Technology Landscape

Updated December 2020

This landscape tool helps you understand the providers in the learning tech space, the functionalities they say they offer, and the parts of employee development they enable. To learn more about the landscape, read the associated report, Learning Tech Landscape: More, Just More.

People Analytics Technology Tool

Updated December 2020

This tool helps you to understand the capabilities offered by people analytics technology vendors, categorizes them based on their areas of focus.

Explore how vendors offer their analytics technology – from a focus on accumulating analytics, to guiding, to providing snapshots, to targeted analytics.