Season Summary

In Season 6, we explore the Great Reconnection – addressing the fundamental need of workers who are coming back to the office.  Leaders have an opportunity to reconnect workers to their colleagues, their customers, and the very purpose of the organization itself. 

Specifically, we dive into the role of managers and how they can bring more humanity and to their role. We explore the role of colleagues in enabling greater connection. And we talk about the role of data and technology of reconnecting employees. Don't miss an episode. Subscribe!

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Reconnecting Without Being Bad-Bossy

Liz Wiseman, NY Times bestselling author & CEO, The Wiseman Group

Purpose and Continual Career Conversations

Matt Gosney, VP, Organizational Development at UCHealth

Unsucking the Workplace Through Connection

Jessica Amortegui, Head of Learning and Culture, Airtable

Firing Up Connection From Pre-Hire

Gretchen Murphy, Chief Human Resource Officer, Service Express 

The Power of Connection

Dave Ulrich, Professor, Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and the Founder of the RBL Group 

Using Connection to Build Successful Cultures

Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer, Udemy

If We Don't Connect, the Work Will Get Done-But It Will Never Be Great

Michael Madon, CEO & Co-Founder, Pretaa