30 August 2022

Firing Up Connection From Pre-Hire

Dani Johnson
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst
Stacia Garr
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst


Best way to lock-in connection across your team is to start it way before your first paycheck. In this stimulating conversation with Gretchen Murphy CHRO of fast-growing international data center maintenance specialist Service Express, we hear about the value of purposeful and intentional hiring, as well as: 

  • how the role of such hiring in building culture and the community accelerates Reconnection 
  • connection + openness = supported, engaged workforce 
  • why connection also entails accountability 
  • how Purpose underpins connection/Reconnection. 


Gretchen Murphy, Chief Human Resources Officer, Service Express

Listen to "Firing Up Connection From Pre-Hire" : Service Express's CHRO Gretchen Murphy" on Spreaker.


  • Purposeful and intentional hiring, locks-in connection across your team 
  • Contacting new hire references to better accelerate your coaching conversations
  • Find out about Service Express and how their frontline worker experience was handled during the pandemic
  • Developing successful employees through accountability
  • Supporting and being supported shows a level of community that illustrates a true benefit of connection


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