Last week, our small but mighty RedThread team gathered for a company offsite in San Francisco. It was the first time many of us had met in person, and the energy was palpable. We used our time together to brainstorm and debate different topics, resulting in walls colored with clusters of sticky notes. Of course, it wasn't all work – we had many laughs and good fun during a cooking class and an incredible boat tour around San Francisco Bay.

To me, one of the reasons our offsite was so successful was because we built various forms of connection into each thing we did. For many of us, we heard this concept discussed in our current podcast season The Great Reconnection. This season, in general, sparked a few discussions about how our team can continue connection remotely and incorporate each episode's learnings into what we do.

Out today is our 4th episode with Gretchen Murphy, but in review of our first 3 episodes (and ode to the post-offsite inspiration), here are some of our favorite quotes from this season so far:

  • Episode 1: Liz Wiseman, CEO, The Wiseman Group "…And you know, I think both the diminisher and the multiplier can provide context. It's what happens after that determines whether people step up or shrink around these leaders. And it has everything to do with how much autonomy they give people…what the multiplier leader does is give people context, and they give people challenge, and then they just get out of their way and let them go at it." 
  • Episode 2: Matt Gosney, Vice President of Organizational Development and Learning Services, UCHealth  "Connection is important because that is how all work gets done. It is a baseline antecedent to progress and delivery of results; as human beings, we are not wired to do work for work itself. We do it because of the benefit that it creates for ourselves, our family, for the meaning that we get from it—because we feel part of a community that is depending upon that work." 
  • Episode 3: Jessica Amortegui, Head of Learning and Culture, Airtable  "For things to happen, they have to be built into systems already in place. They have to become habitualized." 

    "As we unpack connection in this new world we're living in, we have to start to think of how we really activate the levers across those four different points of connection (with self, 1:1 with another, with/inside a group, and with purpose)." 

  • Episode 4: Gretchen Murphy, CHRO, Service Express "To me, connection is the little things that add up to the big things. For a leader it's particularly important to have that personal relationship with that individual–and it's not just the work, but also, 'How does Gretchen like to be recognized? What makes Gretchen tick? What motivates her? What are the things that really energize her and de-energize her?' Connection is knowing all that." 

On your next walk or commute home, tune into an episode. You won't be disappointed. And if you're looking for a space to connect with others and talk about connection, join our roundtable this Thursday!

We'll also be discussing insights from this season on October 12, join the webinar.

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Lauren Caddell
Research Analyst at

Lauren is a research analyst at RedThread Research. She has experience in various HR roles where she’s contributed to onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives. She's passionate about using the intersection of data and storytelling to help make organizations better. She holds an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Baker College and a BS in International Business from Northeastern University.

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