Responsive Orgs: Leading from the Edges

May 21st, 2020

Ever wonder what enables some organizations to take advantage of external disruptions and opportunities while others make do with small, incremental, run-of-the-mill improvements?

We did too. RedThread Research recently completed a study on Responsive Organizations – those set up to quickly adapt. Not surprisingly, people play a big role. Organizations that respect employees and share authority, encourage continuous growth, and build cultures of trust, fare better than their less responsive counterparts.

Join Dani Johnson & Stacia Garr, cofounders of RedThread Research, as they present their findings on Responsive Organizations. Specifically, this discussion includes:

  • A model for building responsive organizations
  • 4 layers comprising responsive organizations
  • Best ideas and examples from our leader roundtables

To view the session recording, click here.

Responsive Organizations: Leading from the Edges from Stacia Sherman Garr

Dani Johnson Redthread Research
Dani Johnson
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst