RedThread Tech Consortium: Frequently Asked Questions

February 21st, 2023

Got questions about the RedThread Tech Consortium? We have answers for you.  

In January of 2023, we were proud to launch a bold new partnership that invited vendors to support the development of independent, unbiased HR and Learning technology research. Here are answers to some of the inquiries we’ve had along the way about the Consortium.  

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out to us. 


What is the RedThread Tech Consortium? 

The RedThread Tech Consortium enables industry leaders to partially underwrite RedThread’s ongoing research on the technologies that support the future of work. Members are able to align their brands with a commitment to unbiased industry analysis and get early or enhanced access to our high-quality research. They can also invite their customers to access those same insights via quarterly HRCI-approved webinars. As a part of their membership, members provide RedThread with data, suggest relevant research topics, and participate in a lively community of like-minded organizations.  


Who should join the Tech Consortium? 

You should! Our Consortium members are typically companies in the HR or Learning technology markets who wish to demonstrate their strong commitment to high-quality, agnostic industry intelligence.   


What exactly is included? 

The Consortium has two membership tiers — which include many benefits, such as 3 seats for our gated research membership community and bragging rights as a Tech Consortium member. At the higher level of membership, members can distribute one of our tech research studies to customers and prospects. We will be adding to these benefits in the future.

You can read more about the specific membership levels here.

What are these future benefits you speak of? 

We plan to add additional perks for Consortium members as we grow. For example, we will soon be kicking off a new series of quarterly HRCI-approved webinars to accompany our tech report releases, which will be promoted as sponsored by the collective Consortium. The webinars will feature a slide with the names and logos of all Consortium members. TC members can invite their customers and prospects to these webinars, providing education and thought leadership to those folks.  


Can we license any reports we want? 

Our BETTER level of Consortium membership comes with the ability to license one of our tech reports each year. We will add your logo and description and provide permission to distribute them to your audience for lead generation. This is limited to technology reports only and does not include our non-technology-related reports.  


What if we want to license a non-technology report? 

Our BETTER level Consortium membership includes the ability to license a technology report only. If you wish to license a non-technology report, we’d love to talk. Please contact us for details. 


Do your reports only talk about Tech Consortium members?   

Our technology reports are partly underwritten by our Tech Consortium but are in no way influenced by our client or member lists. RedThread Research is committed to unbiased industry research, and we include all applicable organizations in our technology reports — whether they are members of our Consortium or not. 


Does being a member of the TC mean that RedThread will never say something “bad” about my organization?  

Our philosophy is that there is never a “right” or “best” solution. Different vendors offer distinctive capabilities, and different clients have varying needs. We focus on helping folks understand the market and how it is changing, not crowning any vendor as the “best” or “worse.” That said, we also recognize that vendors have different strengths and weaknesses, and being a member of the Tech Consortium will not prevent us from making those calls as we see them. When you join the TC, you are ascribing to a higher value of honesty and integrity in research, and that same approach is applied to everyone — regardless of their membership status.  


Will you co-create or custom-create reports for our organization? 

No. We do not create custom reports for any vendor or solution. When companies license our work, they do not have any input into the actual content of those reports. Consortium members do have the opportunity to share their ideas for future research topics, but we make those decisions and set our research agenda independently. We’re deeply grateful to our Consortium members for supporting our work — but ultimately, we must call the industry as we see it. 


Why should I join the RedThread Tech Consortium over other communities?   

The Consortium is an important way to showcase your company’s integrity and share your commitment to the highest standards of unbiased research. Consortium members also get early or exclusive access to some of the most substantive and actionable research available in the industry. Plus, you’ll be directly connected to us and to your peer organizations through our Consortium portal — to communicate with one another, provide feedback on proposed future research questions, and contribute to data gathering. Just as RedThread is unique in the industry, so is our Consortium. 


Who are the other Tech Consortium members? 

You can see the full list of our members on our Tech Consortium web page.

What will be required of us as Consortium members? 

As part of membership in our Consortium, organizations sign a pledge to support high-quality research, share business data with RedThread on at least an annual basis, and agree to provide access to at least 5 customers (min) per product to respond to an annual questionnaire. This helps us to gather some of the information that informs our work. We also ask for your ongoing participation in our RedThread research community, as you will learn from others, and we will learn from all of you — which makes everyone smarter!  


What if we need more than three seats? 

All Consortium members can buy additional membership seats at a discounted rate.    


What if we need to switch membership seats and users? 

We can help you with this at any time. Chat with us. 


What is so special about RedThread?  

RedThread Research is a women-owned firm, founded on a commitment to exploring technology trends and delivering rigorously impartial analysis across HR and L&D topics. Our independent, “No Bullsh*t” approach has set us apart from the “pay-to-play” research that is common across the industry. Supporting our work helps to align your brand with high-quality, unbiased industry insights. 


When can I start my membership?  

You can get started today! Our Consortium is an annual, renewable commitment. Your membership can start at any point in the year and be renewed annually. 


Do you still have space?  

We certainly do. Contact us if you’d like to get the process started.  


Keep the questions coming, and feel free to reach out to us at any time.  

Thank you! 

Dani Johnson Redthread Research
Dani Johnson
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst
Stacia Garr Redthread Research
Stacia Garr
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst