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Scheduled Calls:

16 July

11 am EDT

Main Theme: Gender and Performance

Submitted questions:
  • Are there any great technologies that mitigate this to some extent?
  • What are other companies doing to equalize the process?

30 July

11 am EDT

Main Theme: Skills, Reskilling, Upskilling

Submitted questions:
  • How are other companies defining skills as opposed to competencies or capabilities?
  • Skills of the future?

13 August

11 am EDT

Main Theme: Aligning People Analytics to Business

Submitted questions:
  • Who is doing this well?
  • How do you standardize data so that everyone can use it?
  • Technology?

1 September

11 am EDT

Topic: Empowering Employees to Act

Submitted questions:
  • How have organizations empowered employees since COVID started?
  • Managers in my company have a tendency to buckle down in times of crisis, rather than give more power. How do we change the culture?