31 May 2021

Q&A Call-Learning Content

Heather Gilmartin Adams
Research Lead


  • In this Q&A call, Heather Gilmartin Adams provides a sneak peek into the results of our research on Learning Content
  • We’ve been witnessing rapid growth in the amount, types, and sources of learning content
  • Leaders talk about content in 2 dimensions: the specificity of the content to their org, and the shelf life of the content
  • The 4 trends in learning content: 1) more content everywhere, 2) a shift from providing to enabling learning content, 3) skills needs inform content decisions, 4) more access for all
  • The main challenges orgs face with learning content
  • And more answers to submitted questions


 Topics Discussed 


  • Research Findings
  • Inputs into research
  • The 2 dimensions of content
  • A new model for learning content
  • L&D's focus changes by content categories
  • Four trends in learning content
  • What are the main challenges orgs face?
  • How do I help my employees find the right content?
  • How do other companies decide what content to use?
  • What new kinds of learning methods (& content) are we seeing?
  • How are companies tracking which content is being used?
  • Are there new techniques for virtually "studying" learner behavior to really understand how they use content in the flow?


Heather Gilmartin Adams

Heather is a senior consultant at RedThread Research. Trained in conflict resolution and organizational development, Heather has spent the past ten years in various capacities at organizational culture and mindset change consultancies as well as the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She holds a masters degree in international affairs from Columbia University and a bachelors degree in history from Princeton University. She has lived in Germany, China, Japan, and India and was, for one summer, a wrangler on a dude ranch in Colorado.


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