Q&A Call-Future Skills for L&D

June 28th, 2021

Topics Discussed: 


  • Introduction 
  • Future L&D Skills: The story so far  
  • Few Prominent Capability Models 
  • What we’re seeing so far 
  • What L&D skills are current? Which are new? 
  • Role of L&D function in DEIB initiatives? 
  • Creating a culture of learning? 
  • Skills needed to create a strong learning culture? 
  • Findings that L&D functions are being split apart? 
  • What skills does an L&D leader need? 
  • Role of performance consultants? 
  • How are skills mastery and proficiency assessed? 
  • Are you seeing wider adoption of agile practices?   
  • Evaluation of L&D Initiatives? 
  • Most effective way to map out a L&D? 
  • The value of L&D personas 
  • Conclusion: Signup for Roundtable discussion  
Dani Johnson Redthread Research
Dani Johnson
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst