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Using Connection to Build Successful Cultures

by Dani Johnson | September 27th, 2022


  • A fascinating resume that includes achievement at Adobe, Twitter, WeWork and a successful consulting business, but why she’s gone back into working for an organization—with connecting with others and wanting to build something with them being big drivers
  • How high–along with many speakers in our Season–high she values empathic leadership open to doing the work on forging real workplace human connection as what’s needed now, and how much
  • How her organization is giving as many practices and tools and resources it we can to employees and managers to help them make the best decision for where and how they want to now work–as connection does NOT just happen in a physical office
  • That we need to accept that the day of the pre-pandemic professional self is over
  • A peek into her new book on making workplace reconnection work, ‘ReCulturing,’ which is based on the premise that culture is an ongoing set of actions that need to be reviewed but now need to be more strongly tied and connected to your overall strategy and purpose
  • A key tool from the book is to try and explicitly say what making your values real would like like in the organization.


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