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E1-You Can't Change EX Without Understanding People: Author Ashley Goodall

by Dani Johnson and Stacia Garr | January 11th, 2023


  • In 2019, ex-Cisco and Deloitte HR leader Ashley Goodall wrote a book with Marcus Buckingham that got a lot of attention called 'Nine Lies About Work'—e.g., that we say the best companies cascade results, but the best ones instead cascade, meaning.
  • One Lie' is that we think people want feedback when they need attention
    Ashely's thesis is that we mess up the employee experience by consistently failing to look at how people are "before all the dealer options."
  • In a lively back-and-forth, Dani and Stacia dialog with Ashley to test his theories in the light of all that's happened in the past three years around a changing digital/hybrid work experience.
  • It all comes together around his latest workplace research: what change do we want to happen in the workplace?



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