Is Purpose Working?

Why Purpose?

Back in August 2019, the Business Roundtable—an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies—said that the Purpose of American business was no longer to maximise shareholder value but to instead promote an economy that ‘serves all Americans.’

“CEOs work to generate profits and return value to shareholders, but the best-run companies do more,” stated one Roundtable member, Tricia Griffith, President and CEO of Progressive Corporation. “They put the customer first and invest in their employees and communities. In the end, it’s the most promising way to build long-term value.”

A lot has happened since then, as we all know, but multiple events over the first few months of lockdown seems to bear out the idea that Purpose really has become front of mind for many corporations right now.

So we decided to find out more—and in this special new Season on the podcast, that’s what we’ll be doing: answering (if we can) the key question, Is Purpose Working?

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1: Is Purpose Working?

Dani Johnson & Stacia Garr, Co-founders & Principal Analysts

RedThread Research

 Chris Pirie

Learning Futures Group

2: The Purpose Economy


Aaron Hurst, Author

Book: The Purpose Economy

3: Using Purpose To Find Harmony


Rachel Fitcher, Global Head of Talent and Leadership

S&P Global

4: What Purpose For 60 Years Gives You


Jeff Orlando, Chief Learning Officer


5: Purpose, A Behavior Guide

Dan Pontefract, Founder & CEO

The Pontefract Group 


6: The Purpose Company

Clint Koffard, Global Head of Talent Development

Johnson & Johnson

7: Empowering with Purpose

Celia Berenguer, Chief Learning Officer


8: The Bottom Line of Purpose

Deborah Quazzo, Managing Partner

GSV Ventures


9: The Role of Purpose During Change

Suzanne Howard, Partner, Dean & Managing Director

IDEO's Learning Platform, IDEO U


10: Turning Purpose and Vision into Value

Tal Goldhamer, Chief Learning Officer & Jeff Stier, Lead of Purpose & Realize