14 July 2022

People Analytics Tech: Trends & Considerations for a hybrid work world

Stacia Garr
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst
Priyanka Mehrotra
Research Lead


  • Listen as Stacia Garr and Priyanka Mehrotra share insights into our 2022 people analytics technology landscape study.
  • How and why has the market changed over the last 5 years?
  • Vendors moving away from serving smaller companies.
  • Employee engagement/experience vendors continue to dominate.
  • Where is the market going?

Listen as we discuss our latest findings from our study into the people analytics technology landscape.

The webinar provides insights around questions such as:

-What does the current people analytics tech market look like?
-How has it changed over the past year?
-What are the different capabilities offered by the vendors?
-Where is it headed?


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Stacia Garr Redthread Research
Stacia Garr
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst
Priyanka photo
Priyanka Mehrotra
Research Lead at RedThread Research


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