10 May 2021

Downloadable Workbook: Learning Tech Ecosystem Design Tool

Heather Gilmartin Adams
Senior Analyst


  • This tool is a custom resource for learning leaders to analyze and make decisions about their learning tech ecosystems
  • The downloadable spreadsheet is a place to collect relevant info, analyze the data, and decide what tech to include in the ecosystem—and what to eliminate
  • The spreadsheet also contains a real example of the criteria we used to help a client think through their LXP selection process

We've been following the learning tech market for years.

One of the most striking trends we've seen is the shift to ecosystem thinking. Learning leaders no longer see learning tech decisions as a single exercise—an LMS purchase made once every 5-10 years. Instead, they are thinking about learning tech as an ongoing series of decisions to build and maintain a network of learning technologies that collectively enable employees to learn and grow.

We wrote about this trend in a report, The Art and Science of Designing a Learning Tech Ecosystem, which found that learning leaders are asking themselves questions like:

  • What tech should be in my org's ecosystem, and what should be eliminated?
  • Who should we involve in learning tech decisions?
  • What data do we need to make informed decisions?
  • What's the best process for engaging vendors?
  • How do I select the right vendor(s)?

Building on this report, we've created a tool to guide leaders in building and maintaining their learning tech ecosystems. Use this tool to do a custom analysis of your org's needs, evaluate vendors, and make informed decisions about what to build, buy, borrow—or get rid of.

Download Learning Tech Ecosystem Tool

Download Tool

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Written by

Heather Gilmartin Adams

Heather is a senior consultant at RedThread Research. Trained in conflict resolution and organizational development, Heather has spent the past ten years in various capacities at organizational culture and mindset change consultancies as well as the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She holds a masters degree in international affairs from Columbia University and a bachelors degree in history from Princeton University. She has lived in Germany, China, Japan, and India and was, for one summer, a wrangler on a dude ranch in Colorado.

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