22 June 2022

Learning methods: which do your employees use?

Lauren Caddell
Research Analyst


  • This infographic illustrates how much employees rely on 49 learning methods, categorized into 6 learning behaviors

  • Organizations can help employees develop new skills by using methods those employees rely on most.
  • Considering the audience is only one of four things L&D should think about when choosing learning methods. Read our final report, Choosing learning methods that ‘fit’ your org, for more research-backed insights on how L&D can choose the right learning methods

Organizations can help employees develop new skills in all kinds of ways. Which ones do employees rely on? We looked at 49 different learning methods to find out.

When choosing learning methods, L&D should consider their audience and the methods their employees use. But the audience isn't the only consideration, there are 3 more: business needs, culture, and available resources.

In our final report, Choosing learning methods that 'fit' your org, we describe how L&D functions can use 4 considerations when choosing learning methods that fit.

Click on the image below for an expanded view. As always, we'd love your feedback at [email protected].

Lauren Caddell
Research Analyst at

Lauren is a research analyst at RedThread Research. She has experience in various HR roles where she’s contributed to onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives. She's passionate about using the intersection of data and storytelling to help make organizations better. She holds an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Baker College and a BS in International Business from Northeastern University.


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