22 March 2022

Learning Content: Making Sense of the Chaos (Webinar Slides)

Heather Gilmartin Adams
Research Lead


  • Slides from 2022 Learning Technologies LT Digital Days webinar, “Learning Content: Making Sense of the Chaos”
  • Covers trends in learning content and introduces a 2×2 model that organizations can use to understand their learning content, prioritize L&D efforts, and make better decisions about learning content.

These days, there’s learning content everywhere—inside and outside orgs; online and offline; in learning systems, email, chat platforms; and more. It’s chaos.

L&D functions must help employees navigate the chaos to find the content they need. They can start to do this by asking 2 questions about their learning content:

  • How specific is the content to my org?
  • How long is the content’s shelf life?

In this session, Dani Johnson and Heather Gilmartin Adams explored these 2 questions and presented RedThread’s latest research on learning content. Participants:

  • Learned about current trends in content
  • Explored a model that can inform a solid learning content strategy
  • Saw how forward-thinking orgs are addressing common learning content challenges

Heather Gilmartin Adams


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