11 April 2022

Future-proofing L&D: Skills They Need to Take On What's Next

Lauren Caddell
Research Analyst


  • This infographic illustrates the 39 skills, categorized into 7 skill groups, that L&D professionals (pros) feel they need for the future.
  • The focus L&D pros put on those 39 skills, varied for those in high-performing organizations.
  • When L&D pros over-emphasize some skills and under-emphasize others it can lead to blind spots about the skills L&D pros really need for the future.

What skills will Learning and Development functions need for the future?

Our research identified 39 skills, categorized into 7 groups, that Learning and Development professionals (L&D pros) said they need to future-proof themselves. These 39 skills varied for L&D pros in high-performing organizations compared to those in other organizations. This comparison led to the discovery of various blind spots about the skills L&D pros think they really need.

This infographic (click on the image below to get the full version) complements our final report on this topic, Future-proofing L&D: Developing the Right Skills.

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L&D professionals identified 39 skills in 7 skill groups that they need for the future


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Lauren Caddell
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Lauren is a research analyst at RedThread Research. She has experience in various HR roles where she’s contributed to onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives. She's passionate about using the intersection of data and storytelling to help make organizations better. She holds an MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Baker College and a BS in International Business from Northeastern University.


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