09 December 2020

Using Purpose To Find Harmony | Is Purpose Working Podcast Episode 3

Dani Johnson
Co-founder & Principal Analyst


  • This is the 3rd episode of our podcast season: Is Purpose Working?
  • In this episode, Dani Johnson of RedThread and Chris Pirie of Learning is the New Working interview Rachel Fichter, Global Head of Talent and Leadership, at S&P Global.
  • Rachel shares, Why there are still Purpose challenges and trade-offs, Why everything she does is like interpreting a musical composition.
  • A special thanks to our season Sponsor, NovoEd for their support!


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Rachel Fichter, Global Head of Talent and Leadership, S&P Global


Wall Street might not be the most obvious place to find a company with Purpose. But then we found our podcast guest, saying things like, “If purpose is an articulation of the reason for existence, we end up articulating something we were already living,” then—maybe we’re in the right place after all.

Meet Dr. Rachel Fichter, once a professional cellist and educator who now spends her days helping colleagues accelerate progress in the world by providing intelligence essential for companies, governments, and individuals to “make decisions with conviction”… in other words—live out the company Purpose statement.

The company in question she’s doing all this at is the world’s leading provider of credit ratings S&P Global, where she’s the 22,000-strong company’s Global Head of Talent and Leadership. What’s interesting is that her company is also helping its customers better orient to a Purpose perspective, by creating environmental social and governance information products that help investors better evaluate companies around important metrics like climate change to social justice, as well as help clients understand where it stands with respect to those increasingly critical KPIs.

On this podcast episode, Rachel tells us all about her journey to such a position, and why Purpose could matter for a global financial data and analytics company like S&P. So, a definite important contribution today to us gathering the inputs to try and answer our question of, ‘Is Purpose Working?’ Like me, if you’re interested in how questions around how talent management, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational development, culture, and workplace Learning factor into the Purpose discussion, then you’re going to want to hear Rachel’s thoughts.

This podcast interview covers topics like:

  • How S&P has adopted a consciously ‘agile’ approach to delivery these past couple of years
  • What reimagining the performance experience looks like
  • The importance of the 2019 Business Round Table Purpose statement to S&P’s new focus on Purpose
  • Why there are still Purpose challenges and trade-offs
  • Why everything she does is like interpreting a musical composition



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Dani Johnson

Dani is Co-founder and Principal Analyst for RedThread Research. She has spent the majority of her career writing about, conducting research in, and consulting on human capital practices and technology. Her ideas can be found in publications such as Wall Street Journal, CLO Magazine, HR Magazine, and Employment Relations. Dani holds an MBA and an MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from BYU.