Learning Equity

Member-only webinar: There are 3 key practices that L&D functions can apply to make the biggest impact on DEIB in their organizations. Come find out what they are as we share our research findings.

Enabling the Frontline Workforce Webinar

Member-only webinar: How can organizations better enable frontline workers to thrive in their current and future roles? We will look at this question through the lenses of employee development, employee experience, culture, performance management, and DEIB. This webinar will explore the results of the research, highlight key findings and open questions, and invite viewers to apply the learnings in their own organizations.

How Better People Data Can Make Managing More Manageable

Our co-founder and principal analyst Stacia Garr joins John Schneider Chief Marketing Officer at Betterworks as they walk through the key factors that make managers more effective and how HR leaders at all levels can leverage people analytics to better. support them.

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