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Content Sharing

Please spread the word about our research!

At RedThread, we love to share what we’re learning about the world of work to test ideas and solicit feedback. We connect people, data, ideas, and stories to help our members find data-driven answers to complex business problems.

Sharing excerpts or links to our research is a sign we’re doing something right and that our ideas are valued. Please remember, however, that this content was developed with a great deal of passion and effort. Here are a few simple requirements to maintain attribution and ensure we keep doing what we’re doing.

  1. We’re happy for you to quote up to 75 words of our content (about a paragraph’s length) if it is attributed to us explicitly with a link to the page where you found it.
  2. You can link directly to our content on redthreadresearch.com if you follow the correct procedure. Here’s the right way to link to our site:
    1. You may link to any page, section or article that you are able to view without being logged in as a paid member on redthreadresearch.com. If you must log in as a member to view the content, then this material is not available for linking.
    2. Employ the URL that is visible in the browser location/address bar when you view the article on our site. If you are not able to view the article on redthreadresearch.com, it is not available for linking.
    3. You may send links via email. However, if your email is sent to a paid subscriber list, you must receive prior written permission from RedThread Research.
  3. Prior written permission is required from RedThread Research for the use of any of our logos. To obtain permission, please contact us.
  4. RedThread Research does not offer reciprocal links unless they are relevant to research or they are given to a licensed partner as a condition of a partnership agreement.
  5. If you wish to reposition our content as part of your product offerings, RedThread offers licensing and sponsorship. Please contact us to learn more.

If you have further questions regarding content sharing, please contact us at [email protected].

We are grateful for all sharing within these guidelines. If you have benefited from our research, throw us a like or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter!