A Way to Enable Connection in the Workplace

November 17th, 2022

You, like us, may have been hearing a lot about connection at work recently. One leader said she feels bombarded by messages about the importance of connection at work. We feel the same.

It’s almost as if the floodgates have opened on a topic that’s been on everyone’s minds for a while.

And for good reason: Connection is good for employees and organizations alike. This research found that organizations with more connection were:

  • 5.4x more likely to be agile
  • 3.2x more likely to have satisfied customers
  • 2.3x more likely to have engaged employees

In this context, many leaders are thinking about how to enable more connection in their organizations. That's not an easy task, especially in a hybrid work environment. Simply bringing people together in person won't build the kinds of connection that organizations need. Connection requires intentionality, planning, and thought. You need to know exactly what types of connection need to be enabled, where, and why.

This infographic, we hope, will help you more effectively enable connection in your organization. It summarizes key findings from our research report, Rethinking Connection for a Hybrid Work WorldClick on the image below to expand the view.

Think about emotional and intellectual connection

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Heather Gilmartin Adams