Working groups that “hack” solutions to current and near-future people challenges

What’s a Collective?

When you join a Collective, you enlist in a crusade to solve current and near-future people challenges with some of the most thoughtful people leaders out there.

Together, we leverage research, in-room idea generation and structured problem-solving to find actionable, implementable solutions. And we do this on an accelerated schedule because we know you needed the answers to these challenges yesterday.

Collective members get:
  • Three highly-interactive, 1.5-day long in-person meetings, spread over an 8-month period
  • A network of smart and thoughtful people with whom to people to collaborate
  • Ongoing facilitated virtual discussions between meetings
  • Online meeting place for ongoing collaboration
  • First access to insights and influence on new research

Current Collectives

Collectives determine the challenges they most want to solve. But we want to help get you started, so here are some ideas on the types of challenges we expect the current Collectives to address. We also have example agendas – if you want to see one, just ask.

Diversity & Inclusion

Review the latest research and join your colleagues in finding real solutions for this universal challenge.

Challenges we'll address
  • How do we change our talent acquisition approach to increase D&I?
  • How do we create a culture supportive of D&I?
  • How do we design learning initiatives that have a meaningful impact on D&I?
  • How do we adjust our talent management practices to drive D&I?​
  • How do we create scalable and sustainable D&I solutions?​
Performance Management

Understand the current trends in performance management. Influence research that will kick off in November 2018.

Challenges we'll address
  • How can we transition our organization to a more continuous feedback approach?​
  • How can we more effectively manage the connection between performance feedback and compensation?
  • How can we incorporate teams and networks into performance management?​
  • How should we be thinking about performance management technologies?

FEB 2019

Learning Impact

See the latest on humanizing learning, learning technology. Join with colleagues to find solutions to the age-old question: "What is it that L&D does that has a real impact?"

Challenges we'll address
  • How do we determine what is impactful?
  • How is learning measurement & analytics evolving?
  • What technologies are changing the way we develop employees?
  • How are companies tying performance, career, and employee development together?

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