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Product Manager, Memberships

This critical role will partner with RedThread leadership to establish a viable, and profitable membership based on the research published on The person appropriate for this position will be a self-starter, continuous learner, curious, comfortable with ambiguity, and driven to find better ways to do things. They will take responsible and informed risks. Most importantly, they’ll own this part of the business.

High level responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with RedThread leadership on developing a strategy for a profitable membership business for RedThread, including understanding winning practices for membership businesses as well as the HR and people management industries. Skills needed include:
    • Strategy development
    • Communication
    • Market research & benchmarking, customer needs analysis, etc.
    • Roadmap development & management
    • Project management


  • Assume P&L responsibility for the membership side of the business, including understanding profitability as it relates to the membership business, managing the budget to ensure profitability, making recommendations for simplifications / additions needed to increase top line revenue and bottom line profitability, and making recommendations for future investment. Skills needed include:
    • P&L management
    • Pricing theory, structures, strategy
    • Financial analysis
    • Business case building
    • Reporting & dashboards


  • Define and execute product development, including determining what is useful to members, distinguishing between member types and features for each, controlling complexity and continually looking for ways to simplify, and identifying new offerings, costs, timelines, necessary resources, etc. Skills needed include:
    • Product definition & management
    • Member journey mapping and associated product development
    • Market research & benchmarking
    • Website test, deployment, and maintenance (while working with an agency)
    • A/B testing, experimentation, piloting
    • Working understanding of WordPress


  • Identify and manage technology, including managing web and design resources, website security, appropriate technology or plugins for new features, quick, back-end fixes. Skills needed include:
    • Website agency management
    • WordPress administration, security
    • Data and website security
    • Payments and membership management


  • Collaborate closely with marketing leader on appropriate marketing strategy and its intersection with the RedThread membership. Execute individual tasks as appropriate. Skills needed include:
    • Marketing strategy, funnels, nurturing, etc.
    • CRM implementation and management
    • Understanding of marketing, events, PR, etc.
    • Marketing data, dashboards, etc.


  • Collaborate closely with member success manager on appropriate support of members. Knowledge and skills needed include:
    • Understanding of client success management processes
    • Contracting
    • Ability to translate client success needs into scalable product solutions


Mindset Required:

  • Intellectual curiosity: an underlying desire to understand why things work in the world, accompanied by an ability to identify patterns, question existing models, make new and interesting connections, and to differentiate between typical and novel practices
  • Ownership bias: an underlying desire to take ownership for projects and responsibilities and to manage them and their details, while still knowing when to bring in others and ask for help
  • Growth and learning: a belief that whatever is unknown now can be learned and takes initiative to complete that learning without being told to do so
  • Spirit of generosity: a belief that we can all do more together, and that we should be helping each other and our clients do their best work
  • Embracing fast pace: a willingness to jump in at the deep end, manage competing priorities effectively, respond quickly, create structure from ambiguity, and make an impact every day
  • Communication: mad skills in summarizing status, keeping projects updated, identifying when and how decisions should be made and who should make them, etc.


Salary range: $110,000-$120,000

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to

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