Unlocking the Hidden C-Suite Superpower: People Analytics

November 9th, 2021

Agendas for boards and CEOs have never been so crowded with talent-related topics—workforce strategies and wellbeing; diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB); culture; and, corporate purpose.

Traditionally, many leaders made people decisions based on anecdotal conversations with employees and their guts. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that this kind of approach can no longer work.

People data-based insights will help C-suite leaders manage their companies more effectively. The question, though, is: What is the role of C-suite leaders in enabling and using those insights? And what can CHROs and PA leaders do to help C-suite leaders leverage people analytics to make better decisions?

With this report, we explore:

  • What types of behaviors, approaches, and questions should C-suite leaders use to get better people-related insights?
  • What types of behaviors, approaches, and insights should CHROs and people analytics use to support C-suite leaders?
  • What types of results might leaders expect of effectively integrating people insights into critical business decisions?

The report includes a wealth of examples, useful insights from practitioners, and lists of do's and don'ts for C-suite, CHRO, and people analytics leaders.

This study is a culmination of 6 months of qualitative research which involved a literature review of more than 60 articles, interviews and conversations with more than 30 people.

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Stacia Garr Redthread Research
Stacia Garr
Co-Founder & Principal Analyst
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