Performance Management and COVID-19: Tell Us What You Need to Know


Ahh late August, here you are old friend. Many of us are enjoying the last socially-distanced summer vacation in what may be the oddest season of our lives. Despite all the weirdness, we all know that come mid-September, the sprint to the end of the year will begin in full earnest.

And with that sprint, comes performance reviews. Yes, we know performance management is not supposed to be cyclical, but let’s face it – for many of you, it still is. And so this brings us to a key question:

What changes to performance management are you planning to make in light of COVID-19?

There were a number of articles earlier this spring and summer on this topic. They do a nice job of laying out some of the different options, so we are not going to re-hash them here.

However, and please correct us (in the comments) if we’re wrong, but we haven’t seen any data on what people are actually planning to do or are already doing. Therefore, we are doing some research on this topic, with a goal of getting you all some data-backed answers in September.  

To that end, we want to know what information would be most helpful for you. Below is a very short poll, which will help guide our research. We promise, it is only three questions and will take you three minutes to answer. You can also answer it in another browser here. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful answers!

Have something else to share on this topic that you didn’t include above?  Please reach out at [email protected] ll 2019 D&I Tech Vendors

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