New Rules, New Learning: Learning Technology Research Update


In 2018, we launched a study into the learning technology landscape and published a report, along with an online tool, on our findings with the goal to provide a comprehensive go-to resource for leaders, technology providers, and users alike.

Since then, the learning technology landscape has shifted significantly. To name a few: 1) New technology vendors have entered the space, and some have been acquired; 2)Mindsets around learning and skilling have continued to evolve; and 3) COVID-19 and social and political unrest have had a significant effect on organizational learning.

Given these significant shifts, we believe there could not be a better time to continue our study into the learning technology landscape with an update. This study will allow us to:

  • Refresh the information and data we currently have on learning tech vendors
  • Provide an updated view of the employee development space
  • Understand emerging trends in learning tech

To that end, we have launched a Learning Technology Vendor Survey. We invite your participation!

  • Vendors currently in the tool: respond to the invitation to participate in our survey. If you have not received an invitation, please reach out to us at [email protected].
  • Vendors who think they belong in the tool but aren’t yet: ask us for an invitation! Reach out to [email protected]

Learning Leaders: Nominate learning vendors! If your favorite vendor isn’t included but you’d like to see their information in the tool, please nominate them by sending an email to [email protected]. We have also provided below the list of all the vendors we will be including in our study this year.

Our plans for this data include:

  • A published summary report of our findings (which we will share with participants as a thank you)
  • Updated online learning tech landscape tool

As always, we welcome any feedback, comments, or questions you might have!

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