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Given the massive health and social disruptions of the last 4 months, people analytics has become even more critical to helping organizations keep their employees healthy, maintain morale, and provide emotional support. Companies that had leveraged people analytics successfully prior to the pandemic were in a better position to deal with it effectively when it struck1. And technology has been a crucial part of enabling this.

Therefore, there couldn’t be a better time to kick off our 2020 people analytics technology research (click here, here, and here for last year’s studies and tools). 

Just a few weeks ago, in May 2020, we launched a short poll to identify the top three topics both people analytics practitioners and vendors want to know most about people analytics technology vendors. We had 73 respondents to the poll, with 58% being people analytics practitioners and 38% vendors (and 4% “other”). 

Our results (see Figure 1) revealed that, unsurprisingly, both groups want more information about current capabilities. The second most important topic for both is future capabilities of the vendors. Interestingly, technology vendors are more interested in this than people analytics practitioners (61% vs. 48% respectively). We think this may be because vendors see their future capabilities as how they will more effectively differentiate themselves and are therefore eager to share them with potential customers. 

The biggest differences we found, though, was on ethics and privacy. While only 14% of people analytics vendors wanted more information on this topic, nearly half of people analytics practitioners (45%) wanted to know more about vendors’ approach to people data ethics and privacy. 

This finding underscores the point we made in last year’s research, which is that many vendors are seriously underestimating their role in people analytics ethics and privacy issues. As we reported previously, only 31% of vendors saw themselves as having an opportunity to take a lead on issues of data privacy, ethics, and ownership. Clearly, practitioners are still very interested in this topic and are looking to learn more. We hope this interest will increase the seriousness with which vendors take this issue. 

Source: RedThread Research, 2020.

Given these results we are excited to dive into our study and kick off our surveys. This year, we will be looking more deeply at:

  • New trends
  • Specific technical capabilities (especially integrations and specific user experiences)
  • Customer feedback
  • Ethics and data privacy
  • How recent events have impacted vendors’ businesses (check out our blog on how COVID has impacted their offerings)

We invite you to participate in our research if you are one of the three groups:

  • Customers of people analytics tech vendors. If your company uses people analytics technology, we’d love to hear about your experience in our short 5-7 minute poll. Below is a list of companies that are currently included in our research, along with new ones we have become familiar with since then, (any of whom might be one of your vendors) that you can give us feedback on. If your vendor isn’t on there, tell us who they are and give us your feedback – we will track them down to get the other information we need from them. This poll is open until 9 am PT on Monday, July 20th.
  • People Analytics tech vendors who participated in our 2019 research. Your company should have already received an email informing you of the detail of our process and inviting you to take our survey. This survey is open until 9 am PT on Monday, July 13th. If you haven’t received this email, send us a note at [email protected].
  • People Analytics tech vendors who have not yet participated in our research. If you think you should be included and are not listed below, send us an email at [email protected]edthreadresearch.com, explaining your solution and why you think you should be part of the study. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to your participation! Please let us know if you have any questions by dropping us a note at [email protected].

Table of all 2019 D&I Tech Vendors

1 “People analytics, explained”, Tam Harbert, MIT Sloan, May 12, 2020, https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/people-analytics-explained

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