Creating Employee Experiences that Endure


They say that some of the deepest bonds are formed in the fire of difficulty. If that’s true, organizations have an opportunity right now to create enduring connections with employees. However, there is also a real chance that leaders can miss this window, while they are focused on other things. How can you make sure your organization stays on track, despite the current crazy?

In this session, Stacia Garr, Co-founder of RedThread Research, and Melissa Arronte, Solution Principal at Medallia, discuss some of the most critical areas of employee experience in this time of intense change. Drawing on RedThread’s recent employee experience research, the two will address questions such as:

  • How should my organization be thinking about the different aspects of employee experience? And how are those different in our current context?
  • What guidance should people analytics teams be providing to executives? To employees and managers?
  • What are other organizations doing to enable better employee experiences?
  • What’s likely to be different in the post-COVID world, and how do those things relate to employee experience?
To view the session recording, click here.
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