“Purpose” During COVID-19:
HR’s Role in Leading Through Change

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With this crisis, we’ve seen incredible examples of organizations doing things outside their normal business activities, in an effort to help make the current situation better.

As The Economist rightly pointed out, this is a crisis where HR can – and should – shine. However, so many of the headlines are focused on what organizations, overall, are doing – and share woefully little about HR’s role in making it all happen. For example:

We know HR leaders are integral to these efforts – and yet may not be getting the credit they deserve.

We want to fix this. As part of our overall research into how to create purpose-driven organizations, we are examining what HR is doing right now to enable this broader purpose. Our hope is to weave these insights into an overall understanding of how purpose-driven organizations work – and how HR leaders – can work to sustain them into the future.

We need your help in amplifying the voice and importance of human resources in elevating purpose within their organizations. In particular, we’d love to hear from you if:

If you can’t do either of the above, you can still participate in this research in the following ways:

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  3. Catch-up: In case you didn’t see it, we’ve already published a premise and a literature review on this topic – go catch up on our thinking, and then share your thoughts in the Slack channel!

We look forward to hearing from you and getting HR the credit they deserve!


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