The Four Levers of Employee Experience
to Create Sustainable Results

How should organizations create a compelling, delighting, and sustainable employee experience?

The term “employee experience” has become part of everyday organizational jargon. But there is still a lack of clarity on what the term means and what organizations can do to improve it. Thus, we embarked on this study to shed light on this topic and provide actionable insights.

Our latest study, The Four Levers of Employee Experience to Create Sustainable Results, highlights what we learned from progressive organizations and how they create an experience that results in highly satisfied, engaged, and loyal employees and customers.

Get insights on:

  • A clear and concise definition of employee experience and its relationship to employee engagement
  • 4 levers for a holistic employee experience approach
  • Leading employee experience practices from progressive organizations
  • Specific behaviors and actions to foster a thriving employee experience environment

RedThread Research would like to thank Medallia, our sponsor that made this research possible!

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